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Fornino 60 & 75
(up to 100 pizzas an hour)
From £2,495 + VAT

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Great for small or occasional catering

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The Valoriani Fornino al Fresco UK, available in 60cm and 75cm internal diameter, is the first ‘ready to go’ Valoriani oven supplied as a ready to use oven. The al Fresco UK is mobile and weatherproof, ready for all al Fresco cooking situations. A stunning wood fired oven, (gas/dual fuel option available) cooks food with a real flame giving an authentic taste and feel of the Mediterranean. The al Fresco is designed for Commercial use with the 75 being particularly popular with mobile caterers due to the world leading Valoriani quality. The heat retention qualities and cooking floor set it apart from all other small ovens on the market. Our users, many of whom have transferred from other ovens, report that the balance of temperature, heat retention in the floor and low fuel usage set it apart from everything in the market., Some claiming production of 100 pizzas an hour from the 75 each one identical in quality to the last. By coupling exceptional build quality, looks and cooking capabilities, the al Fresco is a truly desirable oven appliance. When factored over longevity and production capacity the Fornino is by far the cheapest solution on the market at roughly 8p per pizza or less. * Based on 200 pizzas a week and a 7 year life cycle. This model has only been available for 7 years and the first ones are still in use so it would be fair to increase the life cycle which brings the cost per pizza down even further. It can also be converted to run on gas as a cost option.