DEFRA Licence

We at Valoriani UK pride ourselves as a pioneer of the introduction of wood fired ovens to the UK in 2002. We have installed many thousands of Forni Valoriani ovens across the UK with more high profile commercial installations including Harrods, The Museum of London and The River Café, London as well as many residential and mobile oven installations.

All Valoriani ovens supplied by Valoriani UK are DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) Licensed and have been awarded a clean air exemption certificate due to their low emissions ratings. They qualify as exempt fireplaces under statutory instruments 2007 No. 2462 Clean Air England smoke control areas (exempted fireplaces) (England) Order 2007, that allows our range of ovens to be operated within smokeless zones across the United Kingdom.

When used properly, all Valoriani ovens are carbon neutral and each oven includes instructions regarding correct usage to ensure carbon neutrality.

N.B. Please check the Government website as many oven manufacturers claim DEFRA Lice nsing but do not have it. Using a smoke cleansing device such as a “smoki” or burning artificial log substitutes does not constitute DEFRA compliance. Local Authorities are empowered to close down or remove any Non DEFRA Licensed oven.