Wood-fired Oven Lentils for a Lucky 2019

Think pizza is all you can cook in a wood-fired oven? Well, if you use your imagination (and our recipe) you can not only cook something different, but also engineer a little bit of good fortune, if you think like the Italians! How? Well it’s all down to lentils!

Lentils have a deep-rooted history in Italian culture, as the serving and eating of lentils after midnight on New Year’s Eve is an old Italian tradition that originates back to the ancient Roman periods and which has remained as part of Italian culture ever since.

The ancient Romans felt lentils had great importance in bringing wealth and prosperity to those who ate them at the start of a new year. It was believed that, if these small green, coin-shaped edible legumes were popped into a leather bag and given to someone close to you, then this would bring them great fortune once they were cooked and eaten. This was all down to viewing the swelling of lentils, after soaking, as a symbolic representation of greater wealth!

Now Valoriani cannot promise that, if you eat lentils on New Year’s Eve, you will be showered with gold coins and prosperity over the next year, but what we can promise is a tasty lentil dish recipe cooked in a wood fired oven that we are sure your friends and family would love over the New Year period, wealth or no wealth.

If you want to try to increase your chances of prosperity in 2019, or simply want to prepare a delicious lentil-based meal, you can try out our scrumptious Lentils Nonna recipe at https://valorianiuk.com/recipes/lentils-nonna/ which is perfectly cooked in our wood-fired ovens.

This lucky lentil recipe highlights how wood-fired ovens are not limited to making pizzas, as many believe, but are flexible cooking allies that can prepare virtually anything you desire. The quicker cooking times, higher temperatures and wood-smoked flavours can transform almost any dish, bringing a unique flavour to a meal. Furthermore, the wood oven can act as an entertainment centrepiece, to wow your guests with over the New Year, as they gather around the oven to celebrate in Italian-style, appreciating its warmth and visual appeal, no matter how chilly the weather.

So, if you want to wow your guests with an amazing wood-fired oven lentil dish and set them up for a prosperous New Year, follow our lentil recipe and don’t forget to gift some lentils!

If a wood-fired oven is something you are interested in, need more information on one, or you would like to try any more of our Valoriani wood-fired oven recipes, you can get in contact with us or explore further at https://valorianiuk.com/.

In the meantime, the whole Valoraini UK team wish you a Merry Christmas and, of course, a very prosperous New Year, lentils or no lentils.