Valoriani UK Launches New Rotating Wood/Gas Pizza Oven

Pizza oven specialist, Valoriani UK, has launched a new restaurant-grade oven into the UK market, and one that is a first for its Tuscan masters.

To tick the boxes of chefs in a wide range of eateries, Valoriani have created the ‘Rotativo’ – the first rotating oven launched by the leading wood-fired and gas pizza oven brand since its foundation in 1890.

The oven was unveiled in Italy late last year but has now landed on British soil and is available to UK buyers through Preston-based Valoriani UK.

The target buyer for the Rotativo is any chef wishing to serve top-quality pizza, who recognises that their oven’s construction and the materials from which it is constructed are vital ingredients in this. It is also the pizza oven for any eatery wishing to save on their energy consumption and fuel costs, regardless of whether they opt for wood or gas as their fuel. Although the oven is a wood/gas product, UK law regarding the legality of using dual fuel is not clear, so Valoriani UK is advising purchasers to choose one or the other.

Three generations of pizza oven know-how have gone into the Rotativo. Its revolving floor makes life easier for the pizzaiolo not wishing to move pizzas across the oven floor manually. This saves time within the kitchen, optimising the labour resource and lowering payroll costs.

Meanwhile, the oven’s RHSâ patented heat system, used in other Valoriani models but not available to any other pizza oven manufacturer, recovers and circulates heat, moving it under the baking floor at a very high temperature and getting the oven ready-to-cook faster. The technology keeps the floor evenly hot, to ensure consistency and a high-quality product. By using suction, to force exiting heat under the oven floor, and combining this with the best insulation available, energy costs can tumble by up to 30%.

The design of the oven delivers short baking times of 70-90 seconds and the oven is certified by the AVPN in Naples, as being capable of baking ‘real Neapolitan pizza’, as well as other types. The oven holds 8 or 9 larger (30/32cm) pizzas at a time, quickly serving diners.

The Rotativo’s reliable and easy-to-use control panel can adjust baking temperature, floor rotation, speed and the temperature of the RHS system, giving the pizza chef complete control over every element of pizza cooking.

The oven’s bespoke 10-burner Spitfire gas device has also been approved by the AVPN, for those opting to cook with gas. Having an approved oven ticks one of the AVPN’s ten requirements in its ‘Decalogue’ – the procedures on which a pizzaiolo will be adjudged before the AVPN considers granting them a licence to serve real Neapolitan pizza. Only three eateries in the UK have this so far, including Valoriani client, Oakfired at The Royal Oak, in Beccles.

Being a Valoriani oven means the Rotativo is constructed of Valoriani’s unique cotto clay, which has the best firing properties of any clay and which is only found in the family’s quarry. This both gets the oven to temperature superbly and retains heat in an ideal way, ensuring a perfect pizza whatever the type of Valoriani oven used.

The high-quality materials used also mean that Valoriani ovens have very long lives – 10 to 15 years or more in many cases – allowing eateries to recoup their investment in their oven and benefit for many years thereafter. With the added benefit of labour and energy savings, the payback is huge on this oven.

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