Unlimited options for dining and entertaining

Few meals beat the taste of a wood-fired pizza so if you’re in the market for upgrading or revamping your kitchen, why not consider the Valoriani Fornino Cucina UK 60 as an addition to the heart of the home?

Not only can you bake everything in it from bread to chicken, but it also makes for a beautiful talking and focal point in your kitchen too. Imagine the process in colder weather … simply start the fire, invite friends and family over to relax while you cook with the power of wood and flame and enjoy la bella vita to the full.

There’s no doubt about it, the kitchen is the one room in the home that requires the most investment. Whether your space is large or small, if you’re looking to include an appliance that will get your guests talking, then maybe a wood fired pizza oven is the perfect addition.

One of the biggest kitchen trends of the year is to incorporate natural elements to complement colourful units and granite work tops. The material we use to make our pizza ovens is Cotto clay which is naturally quarried and developed from the Valoriani family quarry in Reggello, Florence. It’s brilliant because it has better thermal efficiency than normal clay or cement-based products, which means Valoriani ovens retain their heat for longer, making them more fuel efficient.

The Valoriani Fornino Cucina UK 60, is an oven that’s ready for all indoor cooking situations. Incredibly versatile, it will expand your culinary skills as you learn a new way to prepare meals.

Meanwhile, as cabinets are getting bolder, some appliances are taking a different type of dramatic turn. Matte black fixtures and hardware are a huge trend. What was once a minimal and stark choice in all white modern kitchens is now a fun way to subtly add contrast to wood cabinets and more traditional, Shaker-style kitchens. Great news if you want a pizza oven in your kitchen as The Valoriani Fornino Cucina UK 60 comes in black. It also comes in red and cream as standard and, for an extra cost, we can create an oven in a range of bespoke colours.

In fact, there are a number of features and benefits that make Valoriani ovens special, things much more important than which colour to choose. We want everyone who invests in one of our ovens to make the most of it, so all come with a tailored instruction manual to help you feel confident when you use it.

We’ve also done everything we can to make our ovens carbon-neutral and have DEFRA-certification for all of our ovens. Unlike the situation with other ovens on the market, you can expect the oven to have a long life-span … that’s why they come with a ten-year guarantee.

So, give your kitchen a new lease of life, learn a new way of cooking and talk to us about installing The Valoriani Fornino Cucina UK 60.