Time Restaurants and Pizzerias Turned to Our Energy-saving Pizza Oven


If you’re a restaurant or pizzeria needing to save money on energy and labour costs, but also wanting to make a sound investment in a commercial pizza oven, the Valoriani Rotativo awaits.


This oven should last you many years.  If you ask around, you may well find many pizzerias and restaurants are having to replace their so-called ‘commercial’ pizza ovens within 12-18 months.  Many are just not fit for purpose.


There are no worries on that score with a Valoriani oven, with its Tuscan creators being true artisans, with a tried and trusted reputation and a pride in what they produce for restaurants, both in Italy and worldwide.


Rotating commercial pizza oven with first-class gas burner


The Rotativo is their first rotating oven, but has already acquired fans worldwide, showing the same commitment to perfection from Valoriani that underpins all other ovens.  Here in the UK, Orchard Ovens is the exclusive supplier of this superb, super-efficient rotating pizza oven.


This gas-fired oven stands out within the Orchard Ovens commercial pizza oven range, which typically features wood-fired ovens.  It is actually produced as a dual-fuel option, (wood and gas), but here in the UK, there is a grey area regarding the legality of dual fuel, so we urge customers to stick to the gas, or seek expert local advice on this point.


The Rotativo incorporates the finest gas burner available – a 10-burner Spitfire device – and only requires one burner, rather than the two that some other ovens need. 


Energy-saving commercial pizza oven


Its rotating floor facilitates easy and even cooking of pizza, without the need for manual turning.  Each pizza can be set to bake on what is usually the ‘speed one’ option on the rotating control panel.  Once the pizza is ready, an audible signal alerts the chef.


This oven has a really attractive energy-saving capacity, which should tick your box. It comes with an in-built and patented RHS (recycled heating system), which reclaims heat generated during cooking and blows it back under the oven floor, to help reduce energy usage.  Costs can actually fall by up to 30%, thanks to the accompanying first-class insulation of this oven. All of this also ensures an even and stable temperature for the oven floor.

Gas-fired commercial pizza oven producing first-class pizza!

Short baking times of 70-90 seconds are achievable and 8 or 9 larger (30/32cm) pizzas can be cooked at any one time, producing a first-class end product.  If you know your pizza, you will have heard of the guardians of Neapolitan pizza – the Naples-based AVPN.  The very fact both the oven and the burner have received AVPN accreditation, meeting the exacting standards the AVPN demands of ‘real Neapolitan pizza’, says it all. 


Even if you have no intention of cooking Neapolitan pizza, that endorsement should be noted!


Other commercial pizza oven benefits


You can easily regulate the amount of power used for heat recycling, according to use.  You can choose a different setting for a quiet weekday than you use at a period of heavy demand.  Once you get used to this, you can really control those energy costs.


The oven is also extremely well-constructed.  No cement is used in the creation of the baking floor, which comprises pure minerals, pressed together and furnace-baked for 16 hours, at a temperature of 1300°C.  Both the floor and the dome are produced in-house by the artisans at the Valoriani factory in Reggello – a vital part of the family firm’s quality control process.  The overall construction is made from unique refractory ‘cotto’ clay, which has just the right amount of alumina to produce an optimised firing-up of the oven.


Aesthetically, you can choose between a contemporary metal-covered oven or the classic dome shape.  You can render, colour or paint that as you wish, or request a hand-applied, artisan mosaic finish.  It’s up to you and your design scheme.


Easy-to-use rotating commercial pizza oven


Whilst the rotating oven removes the need to have a member of staff cooking and turning the pizza, it also makes cleaning quick and easy.  Cooking debris on the oven floor falls into a drawer, which can be removed and emptied in seconds.


Control panels for the rotation and RHS system, plus the gas burner, are right at the front of the oven but the burner will also self-regulate the flame, to keep the temperature within 5 degrees of the pre-set temperature. 


Best pizza oven for restaurants and pizzerias wanting to save money


We see this oven as a real ally in the fight against rising costs all restaurants and pizzerias are facing.  It can reduce energy costs considerably and also help keep labour costs under control.


On the plus side of the balance sheet, it will also contribute the profits that come from serving great tasting pizza, with all the high margins available on this menu favourite.


Given its long anticipate lifespan, this oven is a sensible investment.  Many other ‘commercial’ pizza ovens will simply waste your money and force you into more disruption when the oven needs replacing, within a remarkably short time frame.


We feel it’s time many restaurants and pizzerias turned to the Rotativo.  To do that, contact Andrew Manciocchi on 01772 250000.