The Ultimate Wood-Fired Pizza Oven For Christmas

Many homeowners and commercial enterprises wanting the ultimate wood-fired pizza oven this Christmas are typically unaware that our Fornino Al Fresco 60 and Fornino Al Fresco 75 wood ovens come in a choice of three standard colours but can be decorated to suit a brand’s livery or logo, or to bring an artist’s vision to life.


Whilst already available in red, cream or black (, these high-performing and visually stunning wood-fired ovens (with a gas pizza oven option if you prefer) can be sprayed in any design of a homeowner, mobile caterer or restaurant’s choice. Whether you wish to support your favourite team, pick out colours from your logo, or go psychedelic, the pizza oven’s dome can be your canvas – and a weatherproof one at that!


To prove the point, we’ve mocked up one of our Fornino wood-fired pizza ovens as a Christmas Pudding – a perfect choice for Christmas market traders perhaps, or food outlets or restaurants wanting to create a visual stir with their pizza oven that will help pay for it very quickly. With the very healthy margins on pizza, Valoriani’s reputation for excellence and longevity and a design like this, how could you go wrong?


Dare we say that, if you’ve been “pudding” off the decision to buy, now’s the time to do so. All many people would actually want for Christmas is the promise of a wood-fired pizza oven, so why not get an order in?