“They are a great alternative to barbecuing, They possess this incredible residual heat. You can use them for everything from roasting shoulders of lamb to making bread and vegetables, and they look nice in the garden, too.”

says Theo Randall, head chef of Theo Randall at London’s InterContinental Park Lane

Theo Randall

“Celebrity chef James Martin lists his wood burning pizza oven as the top purchase for his new house”

James Martin

“The oven’s not only simple and fun to use, but also brings the authentic taste of Italy to your home. It’s the perfect family experience.”

Thank you Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Decided on Valoriani because of the quality and help we received during our initial search and eventual purchase. They also provided plans/instructions for us to build our own. With the help of family we constructed our own and the pizzas we can cook in the oven are far superior to anything you can get in either a restaurant or takeaway. We also cooked a 12.5lb turkey at Christmas in just under two and a half hours. Looking forward to the better weather to start using it again.

Pauline Naylor

Selecting a pizza oven is an important decision,since you live with the result for many years and so ,for me,it was important to have good design and real Tuscan heritage .Our farm in the Cotswolds sits next to a former Roman Villa and thus we wanted an iconic Italian oven.
I visited Regello on holiday and saw the Valoriani oven in use at numerous local restaurants and was fortunate to visited the factory.
I am delighted with all the help given to me by Orchard Ovens,since the installation is a very important part of making this a successful investment.
Since we have installed our Moderno 100 we have noticed increased rentals in our holiday property .Our private parties with friends have meant that many people departed with ,what they termed….”pizza oven envy ” !
The Valoriani has real ‘wow ‘ factor and is an elegant addition to our garden terrace.


“If the kitchen is the heart of the house, our Valoriani Pizza Oven has become the heart of our garden! We have cooked everything – potatoes, fish, steak, pizzas and even bread the morning after.

Great product, service and at the end of the day fun!”

Nick Peart