Use a Pizza Oven to Turn Your Halloween ‘Italian’

Think of iconic Italian celebrations and images of Halloween don’t’ readily spring to mind in the same way that Carnevale conjures up impressions of mask-wearing revellers in the piazzas of Venice. On that basis,

How to Turn Your Wood-fired Oven into a Barbecue

If you dive into the world of Tuscan cuisine, you will quickly discover statements like “Tuscans love to grill” and a plethora of recipes which demonstrate what it is that they love to put

Getting Wood-Fired up for Ferragosto

The August Bank Holiday in the UK is looming but, for Italians, the highlight of summer celebration – Ferragosto – is just around the corner.  Saturday, August 15, will see wood-fired pizza ovens lit

The Toppings a Wood-Fired Oven Chef Cannot Ignore

The world of wood-fired pizza is absolutely topping. What was a relatively humble dish – a dough base carrying often just a tomato sauce and cheese for many – has been transformed by both