spiedini griliati


Good quality, thick sausages (ideally Italian), cut into four pieces, or diced chicken breast pieces, as an alternative.


Red onion

Thick Focaccia bread

Pancetta, or thinly sliced streaky bacon

Yellow or red cherry tomatoes


250ml of olive oil

Three cloves of garlic

A cup of rosemary leaves



Blend all ingredients in a blender, until the rosemary is finely chopped.  It is best to make it a day before, if possible, to allow for infusion.

Tip: When making your kebabs, always ensure the bread is next to the sausage and/or the pancetta, to soak up the oil when cooking.

To make the kebabs, push the ingredients on to each skewer in this order:

Large piece of pepper

Large piece of red onion


Piece of foccaccia

Folded piece of pancetta

Piece of pepper

Piece of red onion


Piece of foccaccia

Folded piece of pancetta


Yellow or red cherry tomato to finish

Dress kebabs both sides with the dressing and drizzle well with extra virgin olive oil on the trays you are going to cook them on.  Cover and put into the fridge, until ready to cook.


Mix equal amounts of red pepper pesto and free range mayonnaise add a teaspoon of Worcester sauce, a teaspoon of Mustard powder and a dessert spoon of runny honey, salt and pepper to season whisk the ingredients together.