Mulled wine


One bottle of red wine

100ml of brandy

100ml of marsala wine

3 grams of cloves

One cinnamon stick

Two star anise

Two teaspoons of ground nutmeg

Four tablespoons of honey

Two oranges

One lemon

Handful of grapes



Ensure you have a pan large enough to comfortably hold all of the ingredients and capable of withstanding the wood-fired oven temperature.  An old metal-handled saucepan is ideal, as this makes pouring and straining easier.

Zest the oranges and lemons and put the zest into the pan, along with the grapes

Juice the oranges and lemons and add the juice to the pan.

Pour in one glass of wine and all of the spices.

Place the pan in the mouth of the oven and allow to warm and infuse for 20 minutes.

Add the honey and place in the oven to simmer for a couple of minutes.

Remove and add the rest of the wine, brandy and marsala.

Place in the oven for five minutes, or until warmed through.  Remove before it boils or you will start to lose alcoholic content.

If you like a rough mulled wine, ladle straight from the pan.  If you prefer your mulled wine smooth, sieve it into a jug or bowl before serving.