lamb-romana wood fired oven


500g diced lamb
One large onion
Two cloves of garlic
Two celery sticks
Four large carrots
One tin of chopped plum tomatoes
Hand full of garden peas
Sprig of cherry tomatoes
One tablespoon of olive oil
500ml of lamb stock
250ml red wine
100ml Marsala wine
Tablespoon of dried oregano
Tablespoon of fresh chopped parsley
Salt and pepper to season


1. Slice and chop the onion, garlic, celery and carrot and fry gently in an oven-proof pan in the mouth oven, until the onion is soft.
2. Add the lamb and stir occasionally until browned.
3. Add the red wine and simmer for one minute.
4. Add the Marsala and simmer for one minute.
5. Add the plum tomatoes and stock and bring to the boil.
6. Add all herbs and seasonings, cover with foil and place in the oven for approximately 25 minutes, checking occasionally and adding more liquid if necessary.
7. After 15 minutes top with the sprig of cherry tomatoes and the garden peas.
8. Your dish will be cooked when the carrots have softened and the lamb melts in the mouth.