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Valoriani 75

The Valoriani Fornino UK 75 is a ‘ready to go’ Valoriani oven supplied with a self-assembly metal stand with a ready to use oven. The 75 is mobile and weather proof, ready for all cooking situations. A stunning wood fired oven which cooks food with a real flame, giving an authentic taste and feel of the Mediterranean.

The Big Brother to Fornino 60 the 75 range offers more space for cooking.
As with any small oven, the heat retention is not that of a bespoke build, but in tests, the heat retention qualities set it apart from all other small ovens on the market. By coupling exceptional build quality, looks and cooking capabilities the Fornino al Fresco is a truly desirable oven appliance.
The 75 is a very versatile oven and cooks to perfection much of what is cooked in an electric or gas oven (including pizza) with the added benefit of the oven doubling up as a barbeque when using the Tuscan Grill (optional extra).


Inside dimensions cm:


Outside dimensions cm:


Outside dimensions (with stand and wheels) cm:


Mouth cm:


Weight Kg:


Gas burner weight Kg:


Flue manifold (Ø) cm:


Pizza capacity wood (Ø 28/30cm):


Pizza capacity gas (Ø 28/30cm):


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