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Vesuvio Igloo Verace 120

Available in both the traditional Napoli and popular Igloo design styles, the Igloo Verace UK oven series, Licensed by DEFRA, is internally the same as the Vesuvio Igloo UK but it incorporates some key improvements in the floor design.

The Verace Igloo UK incorporates a patented Re-cycled Heating System (RHS), that is used to balance the floor heating to give a higher and more consistent temperature across the floor. Designed in conjunction with the AVPN – Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana the global standard setting organisation for everything pizza!

The Verace has a softer floor than the Vesuvio range of ovens to better reflect the characteristics that true Neapolitan pizza makers’ desire. Whilst Valoriani are one of only a few manufacturers certified by AVPN for wood burning ovens, Valoriani were the first manufacturer to achieve an AVPN certification for their IGLOO VERACE gas series. The AVPN certification took five years of research and development to complete and included blindfold testing of pizza cooked in the oven meeting the exacting standards set by the approvals committee.

The oven can be delivered fully assembled and ready to go. This will require a clear route and forklift/crane and will normally take a day. We can also provide an installation service using our artisan installation team, should you need expert assistance. Alternatively, if access space is an issue, it can be delivered disassembled and then assembled in situ by our installers and takes approx. 2-3 days to install.

The oven can be installed on your own structurally suitable table or base, or it can be supplied with an optional factory prepared steel stand, designed for the optimum working height.


Branded front arch with serial number to confirm authenticity
Cotto Clay refractory cooking dome 10cm thick
Patented Recycling Heat System
Proprietory refractory cooking floor 6cm thick
Removable steel door
Rendered dome
Steel flue spigot
Upper and lower insulation


AVPN Accredited - Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana
Carbon neutral
CE marked
DEFRA Licensed
Easy installation into most tight and awkward spaces
Heat retention indoors - 10/10
Heat retention outdoors - 9/10
Tested 100% Food Safe


All Valoriani ovens supplied by Valoriani UK are DEFRA clean air approved and have been awarded a clean air exemption certificate due to their low emissions ratings. They qualify as exempt fireplaces under statutory instruments 2007 No. 2462 Clean Air England smoke control areas (exempted fireplaces) (England) Order 2007, that allows our range of ovens to be operated within smokeless zones across the United Kingdom.

Please check the Government website as many oven manufacturers claim DEFRA certification but do not have it.

DEFRA License: OOLinst.9 GR120

Pizza Capacity

5/6 x 30cm

Fuel Consumption

Gas m3/hr @ 350°C - 0.9
Wood Kg/hr @ 300°C - 6Kg

Heating Up Times

Cold to 450°C - 60 minutes
Next day warm up to 450°C - 20 minutes

Dimensions & Weight

Cooking floor dimension - 120cm x 120cm
External dimension - 160cm x 150cm x 190cm
Flue diameter - 20cm
Internal crown height - 44cm
Mouth opening - 45cm x 22cm
Unit shipping weight - 1600Kg

No Cost Options

45°or 90° flue manifold
Mouth opening reducer
Removable steel door
Steel stand

Cost Options

Gas ovens include a fire guard
Insulated steel door
Superior gas burner with computerised controls
Accessories from our accessory range


Wood fuelled ovens offer a natural, authentic method of cooking and in order to comply with DEFRA Licensing readily available wood with moisture content below 20% needs to be used.

Planning permission is not specifically required for our ovens as they are licensed by DEFRA for use in all UK smoke controlled areas. However it is possible that local planning requirements may apply e.g. relating to flue extraction - in this instance we cannot be held liable for any non compliance issues relating to extraction.


When used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions all our ovens carry a minimum 1 (One) year parts and labour warranty. Warranties up to 10 years are available in some situations please ask.

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