Originale – Wood fired pizza oven kit
Originale – Wood fired pizza oven kit

Originale – Wood fired pizza oven kit


The Valoriani Originale is the original prefabricated wood fired oven, invented and designed by Sylvio Valoriani in 1945 and is still a market leading product today. The UK specified Originale oven features a 5cm deep world leading Valoriani cooking floor and a 5cm thick handmade refractory clay dome.

The UK model is tested and Licensed by DEFRA with key features including good heat storage and low wood consumption. It cooks beautifully and is suitable for the home environment or very low to medium volume business usage situations.

The UK specific Originale Oven kit includes the oven floor, clay dome, flue manifold, decorative arch, a metal door and bag of refractory mortar.



The Originale Series of prefabricated refractory clay wood fired ovens still preserve the original design and style of the brilliant invention patented by Silvio Valoriani, over 70 years ago. Available in 2 different sizes online from stock and a further 3 sizes by special order (please contact us for details).

These ovens are able to satisfy every cooking need, from small to large families. The superior quality & heat retention ability of the Originale sets it apart from its competitors. The Originale is a very versatile oven and cooks to perfection much of what you might normally cook in an electric or gas oven (not just pizza) with the added benefit of the oven doubling up as a barbeque when using our Small Tuscan Grill or Large Tuscan Grill (available in the online shop).

The exceptional build quality of the Originale offers the purchaser an oven that will out perform and out live other pizza oven kits on the market right now. Furthermore, what comes out of the flue will not land homeowners in any trouble with clean-air laws, as all Valoriani UK ovens have DEFRA approval to operate in Smoke Control Areas. With its great all-round capabilities the Originale is a truly desirable addition to your cooking, garden, and home/mobile entertaining experience.

All our kits are available with a range of optional accessories to enable you to personalise your oven build and set up, such as our  Pizza Peels & shovelsLog rack , Small Tuscan grill, Large Tuscan grill and also a gas burner as a retrofit upgrade for existing owners of our Wood Fired Originale ovens.

We suggest the purchase of the correct insulation kit from us which is needed for upper insulation which is also available in our online shop. Please contact us to discuss your exact insulation or flue requirements should you need assistance with your purchase.

The Originale oven kit is delivered disassembled and needs to be assembled on a sturdily constructed base of appropriate dimensions and load carrying capacity by following our detailed instructions. If you would like us to install your oven and/or build a base and oven housing from a range of styles and finishes please contact us at info@valoriani.co.uk or on 01772 250000.




Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Size & Fuel options

Wood Fired 80cm Ø, Wood Fired 100cm Ø

Tech spec:

Oven dome 5cm thick – Refractory Cotto Clay
Cooking floor 5cm thick – Proprietary refractory
Flue manifold (Ø) cm: 20
Pizza capacity (Ø 28/30cm): FVR 80=3, FVR100 =3-4
Cold to 450°C = 30-40 minutes. Next day warm up to 450°C = 20-30 minutes (Depending upon outside ambient temp)

80cm Ø Option – Dimensions & weight :
Cooking floor dimension – 80cm x 80cm
External dimension – 92cm x 97cm
Flue diameter – 18cm
Internal crown height – 32cm
Mouth opening – 39cm x 19cm
Unit shipping weight – 170Kg
Minimum base dimension excluding brickwork – 118cm x 121cm

100cm Ø Option – Dimensions & weight :
Cooking floor dimension – 100cm x 100cm
External dimension – 110cm x 119cm
Flue diameter – 20cm
Internal crown height – 37cm
Mouth opening – 48cm x 29cm
Unit shipping weight – 280Kg
Minimum base dimension excluding brickwork – 136cm x 143cm

What's included in the kit

Cotto Clay refractory cooking dome 5cm thick
Proprietary refractory cooking floor 5 cm thick
Decorative brick effect front arch
Clay Manifold
Steel oven mouth door
10kg bag refractory mortar

Why buy Valoriani?

All refractory components Artisan manufactured in house in Tuscany by Valoriani
Excellent market leading heat retention in and outdoors
DEFRA Licensed for use in the UK
Affordable quality home kit oven with easy installation into most spaces and scenarios
Tested 100% Food Safe


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